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REMS is our very own, custom-built Real Estate Software for real estate agents of all sizes in Malta and Europe.  This system has been built, bottom-up with the concepts of flexibility and scalability in mind.  

We understand that even though property negotiators share common requirements, there are no two businesses in the world that operate in an identical manner.  For this reason, we have ensured that the architecture of REMS allows for easy customisation for different real estate agents. Different modules that provide different features could be switched on or off to meet the requirements and budget of any real estate agent.

REMS, is a web-based solution for property negotiators.  It could act either as a stand-alone solution or integrated with your website to help you sell your property online fast.

As IT professionals with vast experience in the property business, we understand perfectly your requirements and can also use our expertise to make technological recommendations to help your business run more efficiently.  REMS is designed to take care of all the administrative work associated with running a real estate agency while allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – Sell Property Fast!

The following is a very brief list of the most commonly implemented REMS features:

• Secure role-based login with different privileges
• Choose whether property negotiators can access the system remotely or from the office only
• Easy property listings management
• Property image & video galleries
• Manage different deal types such as ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Rent’
• Manage different rental prices for different renting seasons
• Add as many property categories as you please
• System automatically identifies related properties according to price range, property category and geo-location
• Flag featured and new properties
• Automatic promotion of reduced price properties
• Advanced reporting
• Clients management
• Segregate and analyse individual negotiator’s efforts
• Automatic property recommendations and prompts
• Appointment management
• Integrate with your website – Sell Property Online & Fast!
• Choose which and when properties are listed on your website
• Choose which property images are displayed on your website

For a full list of features and to see how our real estate management system could be helping your business sell property faster, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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