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Our continuously-evolving E-commerce Platform is the product of ongoing research conducted with top retailers based in Malta.  As a team, we embarked on the project with the vision of creating an E-business solution that is as flexible and scalable as possible without being overly complex for the small retailer.

“Sell online products and services”

As part of the strategy to fit all the E-commerce needs in Malta and other European countries, the platform is designed to cater for the online selling of tangible products as well as services or downloadable products.  Administrators can describe their own products and services by listing down the attributes and features in the system in a way that best portrays their merchandise.   Products can be added, edited and deleted or hidden at any time, with the front-end E-commerce website being updated in real time.  

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“A picture says a thousand words.  So how about a thousand pictures and videos?”

As the expression goes, a picture says a thousand words and besides giving the administrator the facility to describe the products’ features in words, the system facilitates the uploading of an unlimited number of images and videos in the product gallery.  System performance was kept in mind throughout all the stages of development.  For this reason, the system gives the administrator the option to upload videos on YouTube and then embed seamlessly into the website’s front-end.  This helps conserve hosting hard-disk space, lowering the total cost of ownership of the system.

“Special Offers”

The platform back-end allows the portal administrator to put products on special offer for a specific date range.  The date range can be set to a future date.  The special offer will then start and end automatically without the intervention of the administration.  Special offer discounts can be either in fixed monetary amount (Ex. € 10.00 discount) or in percentage (Ex. 5% discount).  The front-end E-commerce portal will show both the original price as well as the discounted price.

“Latest Products”

E-commerce platform administrators have the facility to modify the duration (in days) for which a product is flagged as ‘New’ on the front-end.  When a new product is entered from the platform back-end, the system will automatically flag the product as ‘New’ for that duration.  This helps promote latest products by making them stand out among the rest.
Latest products can also be combined with special offers using the previously described feature.

“Delivery Areas & Charges”

This functionality takes our E-commerce portal a step above the rest, giving retailers immense flexibility when it comes to different business policies in this area.  Administrators can choose which countries to deliver to and each chosen country can in turn be split into different regions.  Each region is then allocated a delivery charge which could start from € 0 to cater for free deliveries.  Furthermore, the system also simplifies the process of giving a delivery charge for a specific region, but can be discounted for orders over a specific amount.

“Upselling – Works like a champ!”

One of the key techniques to maximise revenue is by using the right tools to upsell products.  Working closely with key experts in the marketing field, we have designed a system which facilitates upselling in a fully automated manner.  Related items are recommended to the user at various strategic points during the online buying process, including shopping cart and product details page.
"Maximise revenue using built-in upselling techniques."

“Manage Reviews”

Product reviews are completely optional and moderated by the portal administrator.  Clients can post product reviews and give star ratings.  The administrator will then confirm or decline whether the review appears online.
Reviews are a great way to promote your products.  Most marketers agree that the best advert is the one spread by word of mouth and reviews can help you achieve precisely this.  Product reviews functionality can also be combined with social mediate integration – a facility which is explained further in this document.

“Keep contact with buyers”

The portal makes best use of the available technology to track all communication that takes place with customers and potential buyers.  Enquiries are usually generated through a number of available contact forms on the portal front-end.  Communication and contact details are stored in accordance with current legislation facilitating support while maintaining the client’s privacy.
Clients can be updated on new products via email through the system.  Optional features such as automatic SMS notifications through the system are also available.


Newsletters are a great way of keeping interested clients updated with your latest products and special offers.  Newsletters can be sent via email either manually or automatically.  The rich text editor allows you to format your messages using a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editing panel.  Keeping in touch with your clients is very important, especially in today’s increasing competition and this E-commerce portal administrator feature allows you to do just that in a very simple way.


Our E-commerce portal is configured to support an unlimited number of languages.  Furthermore, the portal can be configured to detect the user’s country of origin by analysing the IP address.  Using this information, the website will automatically show the respective language for that country if available from the back-end.  If the language is not supported (no content is entered for that language), the content is displayed in the system’s default language which is also configured from the system.

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“Social Media Integration”

Being well aware of the importance of social media in today’s trends and user buying behaviour, we have not missed on the golden opportunity to ensure that our E-commerce platform is fully integrated with social networking sites such as Facebook.  Users can ‘Like’ products and ‘Share’ them with friends on their favourite social network.  This not only enhances the user experience (UX) but also boosts market reach.
Furthermore, users can recommend products to a friend via email or view a printer friendly version of the product.

“Product Comparison Table”

The product comparison table is an optional feature that helps users to closely compare features of different products.  Confused users may decide to leave the website resulting in a loss of sale.  The product comparison table helps the user decide which product or products best suit their needs or wants.  


Knowledge is power  and whether your E-commerce portal deals with a few tens of orders daily or thousands of transactions every week, you need to have as much information as possible in order to help you take decisions to maximise tomorrow’s sales and revenue.  Powered by Crystal Reports technology, the E-commerce portal gives administrators all the reporting power they need to help management take informed decisions.  
The following is some of the important information which the E-commerce platform could provide to administrators in real time.
• Sales report
• Abandoned shopping cart report
• Top viewed product report
• Top purchased item report
• Search terms report

Other optional functionality includes mobile gateway integration and Google maps integration.

“No two businesses operate in an identical way”

We are well aware that no two businesses operate in an identical way.  For this reason, further customisations to meet individual business needs are available on demand.  Our technical team will be very happy to meet and discuss additional requirements to either customise existing features of our E-commerce platform or to add new functionality.  If we think that the new functionality might be useful for other clients, we will also be happy to reward you for it as part of our research and development programme!

In order to maximise your online sales, we can also help you with your SEO strategy.

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