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Web Usability & Accessibility Evaluation

Web Usability & Accessibility Evaluation – is your site accessible to all?  Is your site usable by novice users, or is special training required?  While most businesses think that their web portal is accessible and usable by all, very few websites are designed with user abilities and inabilities in mind.  The user experience of a website, especially an e-Commerce website is what differs from a successful, income generating website, and a sleeping portal.

Heuristic Web Usability & Accessibility Evaluation is all about closely investigating your website to pin-point design and implementation flaws which may hinder some users from reaping the full benefits of your portal; and the result? – Simple: More traffic to your website, meaning more sales generated.

Web Accessibility Analysis – is the practice of fine-tuning existing websites, making them usable by all, regardless of one’s abilities and disabilities. 

The process of Web accessibility evaluation aims at closely analyzing the website under test, with the main objective to address the following needs:

1.    Auditory Impairments – Deafness, partial hearing impairments.
2.    Visual Impairments - Blindness, low vision, different colour deficiencies.
3.    Intellectual Disability – Including memory deficiencies as well as lack of logic skills.
4.    Mobility and Muscle Control Deficiency – Inability to use hands.

Web Usability Analysis – is the practice of ensuring that a website under test is easy to use for any given end-user, without the requirement of any particular training.

Issues tackled during such analysis include, but not limited to: navigation, language and content issues, system feedback and visual clarity.
Which businesses should look into conducting such evaluations?

While the web is moving towards the concept of accessibility for all in general, this service should be of particular interest to online businesses with medium to high traffic, especially e-Commerce websites.

For Web usability and accessibility evaluation enquiries, feel free to contact us.

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