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On-Site SEO

While on-site optimisation carries a smaller weight than off-site optimisation, it is wise to make sure that the fundamental concepts of on-site SEO are in place prior to proceeding with the rest.

As the name suggests, on-site SEO refers to efforts done on the website itself.  This includes both modifications which might be necessary to the website contents (text and images) as well as code changes within the website's HTML.  Remember that unprofessional SEO work could be worse than no optimisation at all, as Google and other SEs may penalise your website for bad SEO decisions. In the coming weeks, starting from next week, we shall unveil one on-site tip every Monday.  These tips will include suggestions which you can easily implement on your website in order to start getting better ranks in search results.  The first tip will focus on getting your keywords right.  We will then move on to how to structure your web page titles, keyword frequency in articles, images, and more.  

Should you wish to conduct a fully-fledged SEO exercise for your website to rank first on Google and other SEs, please feel free to contact us to set up a meeting without any obligations.

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