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SEO Terms & Glossary

The following are terms and keywords used in the world of SEO.  It is important to become familiar with these terms in order to fully understand the concepts explained in the free seo articles to come.  More terms and explanations will be added along with the articles as we go along.

- Search Engine Optimisation
SE - Search Engine
SEs - Search Engines
Indexed page - A page which has been crawled (visited) by a search engine at least once.
Rank - the results position a website holds for a given keyword or key phrase.
PR - Page Rank, refers to
Organic traffic - traffic coming to a website through search engines.
Back link - An incoming link into a page or site from any other page or site.
Bot - Also referred to as robot or spider, a bot is a program which performs the taskto find and add web pages to search indexes.

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