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Are META Keywords important nowadays?  Should you bother including them in your page at all?  We get these two questions asked on a weekly basis and our answer is very simple.  Answered in short, Meta Keywords are not as important nowadays, but yes they should be included in your page just the same, for a number of different reasons.

What is a META Keyword Tag?  This is a tag places in the HEAD of HTML pages used to indicate the main keywords on the page.  The tag takes the following format:

<meta name="keywords" content="keywords, your keyword, keyword phrases, etc.">

The internet has changes drastically over the last decade, and so have the search engines which crawl it on a daily basis to provide their users with the most accurate results possible.  While previously search engines relied heavily on keyword tags, nowadays Google and other search engines have reduced (almost completely) the importance of this tag.  Web masters have abused this tag in the past, and search engines had to rely on other variables in order to ensure some form of intelligence when showing results.

In a nutshell, you should include the tag in all your pages, but should not rely completely on it.  You will not get to the top of search engine results simply by putting a keywords tag in your website.  The following guidelines should be adhered to when using this tag:

1. Limit your keywords to a maximum of 10 on each page.
2. Start with the most important keywords.
3. Separate keywords with commas.
4. Do not repeat keywords.
5. Use the tag in conjunction with other more modern SEO practices.

Should you wish to conduct a fully-fledged SEO exercise for your website to rank first on Google and other SEs, please feel free to contact us to set up a meeting without any obligations.

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