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Keyword Research

The first major step to a successful SEO campaign is to identify the keywords that you would like your website to rank high for.  This is a very delicate stage since most of the work to follow will build on decisions taken at this stage.  

Keep in mind that users might be searching for keywords which are slightly or even completely different to what you have in mind, but still refer to the same product or service which you are offering. We certainly would not want to build a whole SEO campaign based on the wrong keywords, therefore good planning and research are recommended at this stage.  SEO experts and specialists will use software tools to recommend and guide you with the choice of keywords.  Such tools will also provide an estimate number of searches on Google for a given keyword, together with the level of competition expected.

Should you wish to conduct a fully-fledged SEO exercise for your website to rank first on Google and other SEs, please feel free to contact us to set up a meeting without any obligations.

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