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SEO in Malta
, just like in many other countries is becoming one of the biggest concerns to businesses, but in reality, should you really bother about it?  Is all the fuss that surrounds it, justified? 

The answer is simple.  Developing a website for your business and putting it online, is very much like opening a new shop in the middle of nowhere, with no shops, houses or roads in the adjacent 3000 mile radius.  Saying that the internet is a huge place is an understatement, and by simply adding your own website to the internet, it is like adding a drop in the ocean.

So what does this mean?  Should I not have my own website?

The answer is simple.  Sure it is a fantastic idea to have your own website, but when you open up a new shop in the middle of nowhere, you might want to consider placing a bus terminus just outside your shop and build a road to connect it to the city centre.  Like that, your odds of having clients pop over to your shop are much higher.  

Search Engine Optimisation does just that.  The next step after building your own website is to build roads from your website to search engines.  An SEO expert can help you optimise your website to have it appear higher in search engine results, leading more internet users to visit your site.  Remember that more users visiting your site on a daily basis means more money for your business.  Through Search Engine Optimisation you can get more daily hits on your website without paying a single cent on advertising.

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