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Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management system refers to software systems aiding businesses in managing their relationships with all the components of the business' micro environment.  This means that using CRM software, sales people and management will be able to better manage relationships with clients, potential clients, and suppliers.  Today CRM Software systems in Malta are growing, becoming more sophisticated in terms of features, while being less complex to use.  CRM Software systems are usually targeted towards sales people requiring minimum or no technical knowledge.  In fact, the main idea behind CRM is to eliminate technical and administrative work from sales people and management, helping them to focus more on what they really do best - attract more business.  This is exactly what POTENZA CRM™ really does.


Sales representatives must spend their time focusing on their existing and potential customers, and not on administrative work. POTENZA CRM™ organises Sales Leads, Contacts, Forecasts, Accounts and Reporting in one application. This helps make sales representatives more productive and proactive towards their main task – Generating Sales. POTENZA CRM also gives Sales Managers visibility into each sales representative’s performance and a view of the wider picture, allowing them to make the right decisions to drive revenue.

POTENZA CRM™ is a Customer Relationship Management Software developed in Malta by alandarmanin.com.  POTENZA CRM™ is planned to be released as a SaaS (Software as a Service) in the coming future, meaning that companies taking advantage of the system, will not need to worry about its technical implementation at their own premises, and are guaranteed maximum availability at any time and from any place over the web.


The following is a very brief summary of POTENZA CRM™ main features:

Managing Client Relationships
Track Prospects & Sales
Manage & Segregate Sales Representative’s Territory
Manage Campaigns
Manage Supplier Relationships
Manage Accounts
Data-mining & Reporting
Role-Based Security

Please feel free to contact us for more information about how a CRM can help your business.

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